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Marble House Project Residency in August

I will be splitting my time between the sun light and a darkroom this summer during a 3 week residency at the Marble House Project, where I intend to use alternative darkroom photography and movement studies in nature to investigate a poetic practice of sensory integrations while creatively reflecting on my recent hospice work and movement workshop, Gestures of Care. 

Built amidst the beautiful old marble quarries and  woods of Dorset, VT:

"The Marble House Project nurtures the imaginative spirit. Through artist residencies, workshops and sustainable agriculture, Marble House Project fosters an innovative atmosphere and exchange of ideas. Inspiration, contemplation and creativity are the hallmarks of the program. With a focus on conservation of natural resources, integration of small-scale organic food production and the arts, residents sustain their growth by cultivating and participating in the surrounding grounds, working on their artistic vision and forging partnerships within the community. Marble House Project is founded on the belief that the act of creating, whether through art or in nature is where human potential begins and community thrives."

...the first time I visited the Marble House Project was February 2014 after a big snow storm--
I got so excited and wanted to be a part of the landscape...
(photo taken by 2014 Marble House resident, Benjamin Heller, standing by with a blanket! read about the sculptural installation Benjamin created while in residency there, Spines Alluvial



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